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China Digital Entertainment Congress

2014/07/30 08:00 ~ 2014/07/30 18:00
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    China Digital Entertainment Congress is aplace reflecting the mainstream  trend and development ideas in China digitalinteractive entertainment industry  with the highest level, widest participationand most global popularity.

    Since its debut in 2003, China  DigitalEntertainment Congress invites the VIP speakers including competent  governmentofficials in charge of China game industry, the most influential  entrepreneursin the game industry in China and senior management from the  mostrepresentative game enterprises around the globe, making the summit forum  thebest platform for introducing China game industry policies, discussing  globalgame industry development trend and sharing the concepts of  enterprisedevelopment.

    Every year, the total number ofparticipants  in China Digital Entertainment Congress reaches about 500 high-endaudiences. The  majority of the participants are representatives from thegovernments, game and  related industries, over 50% of whom are seniormanagement at vice president  level or above. Distinguished guests fromclient-based online game, web game,  mobile Internet entertainment, social game,serious game, derivative products,  investment and financing, hardware,telecommunications service, Internet  security, online payment, media,advertisement and marketing, policies and  regulations, industry park, gameeducation, and other related fields in the game  industry chain will followclosely or participate as audience in China  International Digital EntertainmentSummit.

    Meanwhile, the summit forum has  attractedclose attention from the mainstream media around the globe which have  conductedthorough and in-depth reports on the forum.

    After ten-year development, more and moregame  enterprises and organizations from the world are relying on China  DigitalEntertainment Summit Forum to understand and get in touch with China’s  gameindustry, symbolizing that it has become one of the important events  thatreflects the achievement and conveys the voice of China game industry,  andserves as a development trend indicator of the China game  industry.

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